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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a short selection of the most common FAQ's but if there's something not listed, don't hesitate to Contact Me. 

  • How long have you been a Wedding Photographer?
    This is now my 5th year photographing weddings professionally. I've learnt an enormous amount in that time and like any profession it constantly evolves and it's our aim to keep up with the trends.
  • Are you Insured for Public Liability?
  • Do I have printing rights for my images?
    You have unlimited printing rights for your images for personal use and for friends and Family but not for commercial use.
  • How many photos will I receive?
    It depends on many factors but typically 350-800 but here's some of the things can affect the final number of images: 1. The weather - rain, severe cold, high winds speeds or any wild types of weather can make certain aspects of the wedding photography very difficult. 2. How lively the wedding party is. If there's hardly anyone dancing on the night time there's not a great deal to photograph. 3. How keen the Bride & Groom are on having their photo taken. Some couples want the wedding to be a full blown photo shoot. Some couples just want the wedding to be photographed but not them in particular.
  • Do you travel to other parts of the UK?
    Absolutely. I love to travel to new venues across the UK and even destination weddings in Europe and even further afield.
  • What are the Payment Terms and how is it best to Pay?
    The deposit is 25% and the balance to be paid 6 weeks before the wedding day. Ideally payment needs to be by bank transfer but cash is fine.
  • What happens if I change my mind after booking?
    You have a 14 day cooling off period after paying the deposit during which time you can change your mind and the deposit is refundable. After that, the deposit is non refundable. Once the final balance has been paid the total amount is non refundable because I will not be able to fill that booking with just 6 weeks to go to the wedding date. In some exceptional circumstances refunds on deposits maybe considered but no refunds will be given under any circumstances once the full balance has been paid.
  • What guarantees do I have you will be there on the day?
    Im very fortunate that we are in fact a team of 3. Not only will you have a signed contract that gives you a guarantee I will be there on the Big Day, if I were to be ill and absolutely could not make it (it can happen!) then my husband, David Loveland Photography, is more than capable of stepping in to cover and we also work with an amazing second shooter, Samantha who can also provide us with emergency cover. But, one way or another, I absolutely will make sure I do everything possible to make sure I am there on the day.
  • Do you expect food on the day?
    Not at all. It's not expected but while all the guests are having their main sit down meal it is very, very much appreciated if there is a bar snack or meal of some kind because that is my only chance to eat something. I will have been up since 6 or 7am and probably wont be getting back home untill 11pm so that small window of opportunity to eat is always an hour of bliss to switch off, eat, recharge and get ready for the evening.
  • Do the websites prices include travel, VAT & Taxes etc. "
    The price on the website is the total cost to pay. It's that simple. The price includes VAT, travel costs and there are no hidden costs.
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