About Me

From a very young age I was always very crafty - Art crafty that is. Art & Design was my passion.  

In my rebelious teenage years my energy focussed on travel and I decided to go to Australia for a year, spending most of that time travelling on my own and at such a young age, my parents must have been very worried!! Not that I was too bothered because I was having a great time. 

I took a camera with me throughout the whole journey and on returning, I was able to put all those memories into a scrap album. Getting the 35mm rolls of film processed and picking up the photos was super exciting!! And that's where it all began really.

I'm now Mom to 3 little boys and married. I've been there and experienced the nerves and yes ladies, I did most of my wedding planning too! We are a great couple. Both in married life and professionally, it just works. He is the camera technician but we both share a similar artistic vision. I'm the planner, scheduler, sorter and if I dont have any information on the details of your wedding, it's not worth having. 

If you book with us, you can relax. I'm a stickler for time and believe the devil is in the detail and the detail can easily be missed. Dave manages the business on a macro scale and I micro-manage the all important detail. 




About Me

If you are considering inviting us to photograph your wedding, giving us a front row seat to one of the most important live changing events in your life time, we feel you should also have an insight to our world, not just as photographers, but as Mom and Dad to our precious 3 boys and check out our

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